bulb 1 rosemary cunningham


(Designs for Valentines cards I have been working on: Glasgow, Scotland)

I promised myself. I promised myself a few things around Hogmanay this year, just like millions of others. This year I cunningly swerved the disappointment and unease of making a proper ‘new year’s resolution and instead opted for some ‘aims’. Amongst my modest to middling aims is to write a bit more. The past two or three years I have been horrendous at blogging, terrible and thank you notes and just generally remiss at using a pen for anything but illustration and scratchy, ugly to-do lists.

So along with my sort of reluctant reduction in pizza eating, a desire for more swimming and reading, writing has also come back into my eyeline. Be that cards to friends and family, this blog or goodness knows what else. I was just now sitting at my desk between mini jobs and thought, “och, I’ll just get started.” The catalyst was actually checking my emails and unearthing yet another generic email from a promotion company trying to furnish me with personalised mugs and other so-expensive-so-how-can-they-look-so-cheap horrors. I have been asking myself since I took a break over Christmas how I have managed to unwittingly sign up to so many of these companies that choke my inbox with trash I never read. So I started unsubscribing them. If I’m not prepared to open and read it properly, then it goes. I think I have successfully unsubscribed to at least five or six since new year and I intend to continue until all my emails are at the very least semi-personal. I can’t stop HMRC or the bank, but I can surely prevent chintzy homeware ranges, near daily high street sale notifications and printed canvasses of other people’s gurning children popping up unwarranted each day. They make me furious. No, worse than that – they just make me tired.

I don’t think I have ever found anything totally unmissable in an automated email. I encourage you to do the same. And there we go – I’ve been writing! Plus, clicking unsubscribe also helps with one of my other aims; ‘being less of a grumpy whiney pants’.